Mar 29 2012

Dell – what a mess

Just read this. Dell is such a mess. Sad for what was a good company in the past.

Mar 12 2012

Spring forward

Boy it’s dark…

Mar 8 2012

Massive Solar Flare 3/6/12 WOW

This is a stunning solar flare pushed from the sun.  Look closely at around the 30 second mark for the pulse wave that is captured by the solar satellites.  Amazing.

Feb 12 2012

Van Gogh – Starry Night

Jan 1 2012

Happy New Year!

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Dec 24 2011

Holiday Cheer!

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Dec 24 2011

Tis the Season


Dec 24 2011

It’s Not Even Grape Soda Anymore…


Nov 20 2011

Tiny USB Stick Brings Android to PCs, TVs

Is this the next wave of truly personal computing?

FXI essentially built an ultra-lean computer inside a small USB stick. Stick it into any device that supports USB storage, and Cotton Candy will register as a USB drive. From there, you can run the Android OS in a secure environment inside your desktop, courtesy of a Windows/OSX/Linux-compatible virtualization client embedded in the device. …
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Nov 18 2011

Oh my… No light in the Fire

The following is Marco Arment’s thoughts on the Kindle Fire.

The Fire is an Android version, sort of, of the iPod Touch. It’s the first device available that’s inexpensive and offers Android in a somewhat reasonable package without a cellular contract.

But that’s just about all I can say for it. It’s a bad game player, a bad app platform, a bad web browser, a bad video player, and, most disappointingly, a bad Kindle.

Oh my. I have touched a Fire for about 40 seconds do I don’t really have an opinion on this, but from everything I have read I can’t imagine not being frustrated by having one. This is sad considering how highly regarded the Kindle was.

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